Virtual University of Pakistan
"We Care"is a public awareness campaign showcasing short videos produced by The Virtual University of Pakistan.
Purpose of these videos is to provide information and educate the public on different topics such as Traffic Rules Awareness, Life Saving Measures in Emergencies and many more.
Akhir Kab Tak! (Vital Signs - Double Road End)

Purpose of a Double Road End Sign; warning us that the double road portion ends beyond this sign.
Kuch to Log Kahen Gay (Seat Belt)

Seat belts are important safety feature of vehicles that save lives and prevent injuries in case of an accident.
Kuch to Log Kahen Gay (Mobile Use in Driving)

Using a Mobile Phone while driving is very risky and one should avoid it regardless of how urgent the situation appears to be. Cell Phone Usage While Driving Could Cause Fatal Car Accidents.)
Akhir Kab Tak! Animal

It is commonly seen that while commuting animals or insects move in a disciplined & organized way whereas the scene at our roads is inverse; our traffic has a very disorderly manner with no care for lane or remaining in a line.
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Virtual University of Pakistan - We Care
Zindagi Bachain - Nakseer (EPISTAXIS)
Proper way of giving emergency treatment to a person having nose bleeding or Epistaxis.
Dancing Teeth - Wisdom Tooth
What are wisdom teeth? Common problems of wisdom teeth and their remedies.
Zindagi Bachain - Head-Neck injury
How to provide first aid and make precautionary measures for a person who suffers an injury to his head & neck.
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